Plugin description
Sortable RG - Drag & Drop plugin documentation


Demo Pages

Plugin features

  • Supports touch devices and modern browsers
  • Smooth CSS animations when moving items
  • Control animation speed
  • Supports drag handles
  • Smart auto-scrolling
  • Tap and hold to drag (for touch devices)
  • You can swap or reorder items
  • Changes are saved to local storage so on page load list will auto order to latest saved changes
  • Remove items from database when drag outside the box (if enabled in plugin settings)
  • Copy reordered list to new Database in the new order
  • Save reordered field list in DataBase when using a field list for repeating group
  • Save the RG order and reflect it to other pages/users (see demo or in the forum thread)
  • Sort a list of things and publish the result in a state
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